King of Tokyo Review

King of Tokyo by Iello Games, is a fun game of kaiju destruction, that uses a great mix of dice rolling and press your luck mechanics to create a great player battle royal match of giant proportions.

The goal of King of Tokyo is to become the king! Players do this by either scoring 20 victory points or being the last monster(player) standing. To play King of Tokyo each player will select one Kaiju monster and its corresponding Health/point tracker. Each turn is broken down into three parts; rolling and re-rolling the dice, resolving the dice, and the optional buying of cards. During the rolling and re-rolling phase players will take the six black dice and roll them, after deciding which dice they would like to keep, the player is able to pick up and re-roll any dice they choose up to twice. After the player’s roll phase, all of the dice are resolved based on the results. There are six different die results; 1, 2, 3, Energy, Attack, and Heal. For each energy result a player rolls they collect one energy cube. Attack results allow players to either attack the monster in Tokyo or if they are the monster in Tokyo they will attack all other monsters. When a monster rolls a heal they can recover one health point, except for when a monster is in Tokyo, because monster can’t heal from dice rolls in Tokyo. Finally the 1, 2, and 3 sides of the dice are only useful if they are rolled as three of a kind, in this case they will score the player points equal to the number indicated on the die. Additionally if the player is able to roll more of the same die they get an extra victory point, e.g. four 3’s is worth 4 points. The last phase is optional it allows a players to turn in energy cubes to buy power cards. These power cards will give the player a variety of useful powers and/or one time bonuses. Besides scoring points through dice rolls players are able to score points by entering Tokyo (one point) and by starting their turn in Tokyo (two points)

King of Tokyo Image

The game ends when one player either scores twenty points or by eliminating all other players.

For all the times my brother and I watched a Godzilla movie and then proceed to argue about which of the monsters could beat who, this game helps solve also those arguments. King of Tokyo does a great job of creating a fun competitive game, its use of multiple ways of winning the game (elimination the other players or earning enough points) provides an avenue for players to play to their strengths and to also adapt to the situation depending on who is their competition. I really enjoy the monster character designs, and they continue to release more monster variants to the public, which is great since I am still hoping for a Mothra parody! While I am not a huge fan of player elimination games because they tend to exclude players after they loose… But, King of Tokyo’s matches are pretty short, so this helps to minimize player downtime after elimination. I also don’t prefer dice rolling or purely luck based games, but the purchasable power cards do help to reduce the luck factor to some degree. The game plays up to six players, which is a huge bonus since most games seem to play only to four players. Overall it is a very fun and easy game to play, and I would recommend the game to both new and experienced gamers.

King of Tokyo Information:

Ages: 8 and up

Price: $39.99

Playtime: 30 Minutes

Players: 2-6 Players

If you would like more information on King of Tokyo, please check out their website.


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