Century Golem Edition Review

Century Golem Edition by Plan B Games, is a European style board game that uses card drafting and set collecting to create a wonderful economic based game. In Century Players will need to collect various combinations of the crystals to purchase point cards (golem cards), The end goal of the game is to score the most points.

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To play Century Golem Edition, players will take one of four actions during their turn; Play, Acquire, Rest, and Claim.

Play a card from their hand: There are three types of cards players can play. Crystal cards, which let players collect the matching crystal to add to their set. There are four different colored crystal that act as the currency for the game. Yellow crystal are the lowest, next green, then blue, and pink crystal are the most valuable. Players are only able to have up to ten crystals at a time in their caravan. Upgrade cards, let players upgrade the value of their crystals. Trade cards, when using a trade card players will be able turn in the indicated crystals on the card and in exchange they will receive the opposite indicated crystals.

Acquire a merchant card: When players acquire they will be able to pick up a merchant card and add it to their hand. The left most card in the row is free to acquire, but each other card will cost one additional crystal that will be added to each card in order.

Rest: When players use the rest action they will be able to collect all of their previously played cards from the table and put them back into their hand.

claim a point card: The final action is to claim a point card. Players must have the matching amount of crystals in their caravan in order to make the claim.

The end of game is triggered when one player has claimed their fifth point card (or sixth in a 2-3 player game), however each player will have an equal number of turns. Therefore if the first player triggers the end game, then all the other players will have one more turn. Players will also be able to acquire points from copper and silver tokens, copper tokens are put on the left most golem point card and silver tokens are put on the second golem card to the left. Players will acquire these tokens when they claim a golem card located on these tokens. After the last player takes their turn each player will count up all of their points. The winner of the game will be the player with the highest number  points.

I think Century Golem Edition is a wonderfully made and beautifully designed resource/hand management card game. The game play is very smooth and it just takes a few minutes to explain how to play the game to new players. It is a great game for experienced gamers and non-gamers alike, because of its simplicity and the competitive strategy that goes into each claim or acquire a player makes. I really like the even number of turns mechanic, which becoming more popular in new games. This helps give everyone a fair chance to win, even if they are not the first to acquire the five cards needed to end the game.

Golem Edition is a redesign of Century Spice Road. Both games play the same way, but have very different ascetics. Golem Edition in my opinion is by far the more appealing looking game. However, Plan B Games is making semi expansion/stand alone games for Century Spice Road, that arent able to be combined with Golem Edition. Which is a bummer for me, but still not a big deal.

If you enjoy other games like Splendor and are looking for a fun new European style games I suggest giving Century Golem Edition a try!

Century Golem Edition Information:

Ages: 8 and up

Price: $39.99

Playtime: 30 to 45 Minutes

Players: 2-5 Players

If you would like more information on Century Golem Edition, please check out their website.


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