Hintegers Review


Hintegers by Zafty Games, is a unique party game that has a hint of trivia mixed into the game play.

To play Hintegers, each player will take a set of cards in the color of their choice. The objective of the game is to discard seven of the ten number cards that they start the game with. To do this each round one player will act as a hint giver and pick a category card from one of the two available to them, the hint giver will give a one word clue that is related to the category and corresponds to a number one through ten. Then all the other players will play a card that they believe will match the clue. The hint giver should be careful not to give to easy of clue, because every player that gets the answer correct also gets to discard their number card, but at least one other player must get the answer correct otherwise no one will be able to discard a number card. Each player will also have three lifeline cards that they can use to hedge their bets. One lifeline card adds plus one to their bet, another subtracts one from their bet, and the final lifeline allows the player to copy another players guess. The game ends when one or more players only have three number cards left. If multiple players reach three number cards at the same time then all players will share the victory!

The game of Hintegers is easy to play and to teach new players. It does take sometime to get used to how the game play works. When you get the category cards and have to decide on a clue it can be very hard to think of a number that works with a single word clue and that matches the category. It can be super frustrating to look at a category card and suddenly think, “I can’t give a clue for this because apparently I have never seen any movies…” The game is great for parties since it can accommodate so many players. Families will have a great time playing together, but the game play could be a bit difficult with mixed generations, because it can be a bit difficult to understand clues from players with different points of reference in life. However, the clue cards can greatly help in this difficulty. If you like other party games like, Dixit and Crosstalk you should give Hintegers a try!

Hintegers Information:

Ages: 8 and up

Price: $15.00

Playtime: 20 minutes

Players: 5-10 players

If you would like more information on Hintegers, please check out their website.


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