Board Game Bento February 2018 Unboxing/Review

This month’s Board Game Bento box theme is “Time Travel” and includes three games; Entropy: Worlds Collide, Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time, and Time Management: The Time Management Game. As always this is not a review on the games themselves, but of the actual contents of the box and the quality of this Board Game Bento. But, you can look forward to the games being reviewed in the future.

Entropy: Worlds Collide by Rule & Make

In Entropy, multiple parallel worlds have collided. This is a competitive card game of risk, deception, and action management. Players will play as one of six characters that are trying to get put the four pieces of their shattered world back together.

Players: 2-4

Playtime: 15-40 Minutes

MSRP= $25, going rate: $18.00

Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time by Passport Games

In this cooperative game players will try to rescue the world’s artifacts that have been stolen by Professor Evil (with a name like that is there any wonder why he became a bad guy). With the objective to save four treasures before the Professor hides four away in his vault.

Players: 2-4

Playtime: 30-45 minutes

MSRP= $40, going rate: $30.44

Time Management: The Time Management Game by Greater Than Games

Greater Than Games is it at it again. In this meta game players work for the Office of Time Management, managing the space-time continuum. This is a quick tile laying game, with the goal to save the continuum and to save time!

Players: 1-4

Playtime: 30 Minutes

MSRP= $16.32, going rate: $14.02

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Final Impressions:

This month’s Board Game Bento theme has several interesting games, with Professor Evil looking especially fun and difficult to play. I also always enjoy games by Greater Than Games, so Time Management should be fun also to play.

Each Board Game Bento box advertises at least an $80 of board games. This month using the current prices for each of the three games, I have calculated a total value of the box to be $62.46, based on current prices for the games which falls a little short of the minimum $80 advertised, however using the MSRP of the board games I find the total cost of all these games to be about $81.32. While the games do look like fun I am hoping that next month’s box will have some more games on my want list.

Next month’s Board Game Bento theme is “Spin Off” and if you are interested in signing up, here is an easy link to their website, and if you sign up through the link you can help us continue providing you with more great gaming content!


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