Wing It: The game of Extreme Storytelling Review

Wing It: the Game of Extreme Storytelling designed by Molly Zeff, is a party game that utilizes a wonderful story telling mechanic to promote a hilarious and fun game night!

To play Wing It, each player is dealt five resource cards, these cards are various objects and items that will be used to solve the situation. After each player has their resource cards, one player will be selected to play the judge for the first round. The judge will read off a situation card to the other players, this situation needs to be solved by the other players. After the situation is read, the other players will have a few moments to craft a story using three of their five resource cards to solve the situation. Players will then pitch their plan to solve the situation to the judge, who will then decide who solved the situation the “best.” The game ends when a player collects three situation cards or has the most situation cards after every player has had two turns.

While the game seems to be inspired by other popular party games like Apples to Apples, Wing It has its own flare completely. I really enjoy the amount of humor this game brings to the table. While players are telling their stories of how they plan to solve a situation using basically “junk” it is very common to have everyone laughing at the absurdity of the “solution.” Because of the simplicity of the game it is a great game to play with non-gamers and with small groups. Like all games of this nature, eventually the cards will seem repetitive, but the game comes with a large amount of cards so this will help mitigate repetitiveness. Overall, Wing It: the game of extreme storytelling is a great party game that is bound to get everyone laughing and having a great time at game night. If you like games like Superfight and Cards Against Humanity, then you should give Wing It a try!

Wing it image

Wing It: the Game of Extreme Storytelling information;

Ages: 12 and up

Price: $24.00

Playtime: 15 to 90 Minutes

Players: 4 to 7

If you would like more information on Wing It: the Game of Extreme Storytelling, please check out their website.


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