Deck Building: the Deck Building Game Review

Deck Building: the Deck Building Game by Dice Hate Me Games, is a miniature sized deck building game, that successfully boils down traditional deck building games into a bite sized game.

To play, players will start the game with two pine planks and one rotten plank. These cards will act as a players starting hand of three cards. Each of the cards has a different screw value, between one and four screws. The screws are used for both purchasing new cards from the purchase deck and for calculating a players score at the end of the game. During a players turn they will take two actions, and the actions can be repeated. The actions are Purchase, Build, or Stain. When a player decides to purchase they can take a card from one of the two purchase piles and place it into their discard pile, they must also pay the cost in screws that are shown on the card. The building action allows players to put a card from their hand into either their or their opponent’s build area. The final action type is to place a stain token on your deck, this is to make the section of deck permanent and stain tokens can only be placed on either one, two, or four cards. After taking two actions players will discard any unused cards in their hand and draw three new cards. If a player is not able to draw three cards from their draw deck, then they will shuffle their discard pile and draw the needed cards. The game ends when at the end of a round one of two conditions occurs; one player has no more playable cards(cards in their hand, draw deck, or discard pile) or one of the two purchase piles is empty.

After the game ends scoring begins. For a deck to be scored it must have at least two planks and two railings. To score players add up the number of screws in a matching plank or railing section and then multiply that number by the number of cards in that same matching section of planks or railings. This process is continued for all the players different plank and railing sections to determine their final score. The player with the most points wins!

Overall, while Deck Building: the Deck Building Game is not the most in depth deck building game, it still is a fun game to play as a filler or travel sized game or even to teach a person how to play a deck building games. One great aspect of the game is that it can act as its own expansion, meaning with additional copies of the game more players will be able to play. If you like other deck building games like Dominion or other two player games like Patchwork, than I suggest giving Deck Building: the Deck Building Game.

Deck Building: the Deck Building Game Information;

Ages: 13 and up

Price: $9.95

Playtime: 10-20 Minutes

Players: 2 (more with additional copies)

If you would like more information on Deck Building: the Deck Building Game, please check out their website.


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