Kingdom Builder Review

Kingdom Builder by Queen Games, is a wonderful area control game that is different every time you play! With its unique modular board system and alternating objective cards.

To play Kingdom Builder, players will set up four of the eight modular boards to create the play area. Each of the modular boards will be arranged in a rectangular shape, but they can fit together using any of their sides making the play area vary a lot. Also, all of the boards have different additional icons on them which have different powers associated with them. If a player builds a settlement next to one of these unique icons they are able to take extra actions during their future turns. Next three objective cards will be selected to be used for scoring during the game. In this manor both the map and the way to score for the game are alternated between games. The only constant way of scoring is by building a settlement next to one of the city icons that are on various locations on the map. During play, players will draw a terrain card which will determine where the can place three settlements from their pile. There are five playable terrain types; canyon, dessert, forest, grassland, and flower fields. Additionally there are two terrain types that can’t be built on, which are water and mountain spaces. Players will take turns and each turn phase will consist of the mandatory action of placing three settlements, performing any additional action that they have acquired, collecting location tiles if they have played next to a special location (which will grant them additional special actions on future turns, and drawing a new terrain card to be used on their next turn. Play continues until one player uses the last of their settlement pieces which will trigger the end game. But, other players might still get another turn if they have not had an equal number of turns. To win the game players must adapt their strategies based on the current games objectives, in order to score the most points.

I greatly enjoy playing Kingdom Builder! I love the high replay value that the game has, with its multiple modular boards and the various objective cards that can be used during play. The game does not take long to teach new players and is suitable for most ages to play. Kingdom builder does have a good degree of strategy, with a fine mixture of luck thrown in. Because of this both beginners and experienced players are able to have a fair chance of winning the game. Also, I like that the game does not have a direct way of “attacking” other players, which helps to keep tensions low during game night, especially for gamers that do not enjoy competitive games like risk or player elimination type games. Overall, I highly recommend Kingdom Builder, especially to anyone that loves other European style games, like Settlers of Catan or Carcassone.

If you are interested in purchasing Kingdom Builder, you can use this link!

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Kingdom Builder Information:

Ages: 8 and up

Price: $32.37

Playtime: 45+ Minutes

Players: 2 to 4

If you would like more information on Kingdom Builder, please check out their website.



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