Kickstarter Preview: Oh Cluck!


Oh Cluck! by Foolish Media and designed by Jeff Bookman, Chad Crider, Raymond Warren, and Dylan Young.  Oh Cluck! is a very easy to learn competitive card game with a “take that” style of game play.

In Oh Cluck! each player is dealt several rooster cards from the rooster deck, based on the number of players. The rooster cards will act as an avatar for the player and will be attacked by the other players. Players will only have one rooster active at a time, the other roosters will sit in their coop until needed. Each player is also dealt a set of cards from the action deck. The action deck contains a number of card types; Attack, Dodge, Counter, Special, and Party Fowl. Players will play action cards to attack other players or to protect themselves from other players attacks. Each rooster has a feather value, which acts as their life points, when a rooster’s feathers are reduced to zero by a player, then the attacking player will take the rooster and add it to their basket and score the eggs (points) listed on the defeated rooster’s card. The are two ways to win the game, either scoring twelve points or to be the last rooster standing!

Examples of the different card types in Oh Cluck!

Oh Cluck! has a very zany art and game play style. It is a fun to play filler sized game or great for warming up for game night. The designers have a great sense of humor, with the great rooster designs and goofy action cards, with many of the roosters and action cards being based on pop culture chicken references (which is a weird thing to say). The only part of the game that I do not prefer is the player elimination factor, since I prefer every player to be included in a game until the end, but this is a personal opinion and a lot of players are fine with that type of type. Anyone who loves other “take that” style card games such as OrganATTACK! and Exploding Kittens are bound to enjoy Oh Cluck! and I would recommend this game to them, because it has its own unique flare on the “take that” style of game play.

To find out more information about this Kickstarter project check out their Facebook page here or their website. Or if you would like to learn more about Oh Cluck! and back the project check out this link to the kickstarter page!

Oh Cluck! Information

Players: 2 to 6

Kickstarter Launch Date: January 25th, 2018

Minimum Kickstarter Backing Pledge: $20

Playtime: 30-90 minutes

Ages: 10 and up


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