Vye Review

Vye by Sandhat Games, is a card game of capture and control. Where players take turns strategically playing cards with the objective of creating and keeping the largest kingdom by the end of the game.

Vye’s game play reminds me of an old area control game called Othello where players would take turns placing either white or black reversible pieces with the goal of converting as many of pieces to their own color as possible. The objective of Vye is to have the largest contiguous kingdom of cards at the end of the game. To do this players must take control of cards by playing matching “land” cards or “family” cards. When playing land cards players take control of all the same land cards that are adjacent to the card. Adjacent cards are however only vertical or horizontal to the land card, not diagonal. Each player also has a set of family cards that can capture cards in various patterns. Additionally there are special cards that can be added into the game deck that have different affects on the gameplay. The game ends immediately after the “Inevitable Empress” is drawn from the deck, which is shuffled in to the last five cards in the deck.

The game has beautifully done artwork on each of the cards. Which is a big selling point for me. Vye also boast a large number of variant ways of playing the game by adding in different sets of the “special” cards. These sets of special cards basically act as mini-expansions, which helps to add a great deal of replay value to the game play. For those who like other area control games like, Small World and Risk I suggest giving Vye a try.

Vye Information:

Ages: 8 and up

Price: $20.99

Playtime: 20 Minutes

Players: 2 to 5

If you would like more information on Vye, please check out their website.


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