Board Game Bento December 2017 Unboxing/Review

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This month’s Board Game Bento box theme is “9 to 5” and includes three games; New York 1901, Hotshots, and Rocky Road a la Mode. As always this is not a review on the games themselves, but of the actual contents of the box and the quality of this Board Game Bento. But, you can look forward to the games being reviewed in the future.

New York 1901 by Blue Orange Games

This is a card drafting and tile laying style game, where players are building skyscrapers in turn of the century New York City. Start by building “bronze” level buildings, and as play goes on players are allowed to replace their old buildings with “silver” and “gold” level buildings, or even one of the four legendary buildings.

Players: 2-4

Playtime: 30-60 Minutes

Cost: $31.11

Hotshots by Fireside Games

In Hotshots players take on the roles of firefighters in this cooperative game. Players roll dice to determine how well they are fighting the fire. The game also feature a press your luck style of play and can be played solo.

Players: 1-4

Playtime: 60 minutes

Cost: $23.95

Rocky Road a la Mode by Green Couch Games

This is a card drafting and set collecting game, where players are ice cream truck drivers trying to fulfill the most orders. They need to attract the most customers in order to do this, by playing music, and stocking up on new treats.

Players: 2-4

Playtime: 20-30 Minutes

Cost: $16.97

Final Impressions:

I have been very pleased with my subscription to Board Game Bento so far, but this month I am not very interested in any of the games that were included. Which is a bit of a bummer for me. I hope they do turn out to be fun and interesting games, once I sit down and play them…

Each Board Game Bento box advertises at least an $80 value. This month using the current prices for each of the four games, I have calculated a total value of the box to be $72.03, which falls a little short of the minimum $80 value advertised.

Next month’s Board Game Bento theme is “Fun in the Sun” and if you are interested in signing up, here is an easy link to their website, and if you sign up through the link you can help us continue providing you with more great gaming content!


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