A Rookie’s Perspective: Roll for it!

Roll For It! designed by Chris Leder, and published by Calliope Games.

About the game: This is an easy dice game that anyone can play. It is easy to learn the rules and there is not a lot of heavy thinking involved which makes it a good transition game or a game to pass the time. Being a person that does not enjoy heavy strategy games that take a long time to play, this game is perfect for me. For the big gamer, this game definitely would be a transition game as it gives your mind a rest since it is mainly a luck game. Roll For It can be played at a party and with the whole family. Children could easily play this game as well since basically it is rolling the dice and matching the picture on the cards.

How to play: Everyone gets their own color dice, 6 of them. There is a deck of cards with different dice number combinations on them. The cards vary on the quantity of dice depending on the point value of the card. For example, there are 2 dice numbers combo’s on 2 point cards, and 6 dice number combo’s on 15 point cards. You play 2-4 number of cards, depending on how many players there are, on the table. Then take turns rolling to try and match the picture on each card, playing to 40 points. If you roll some numbers for multiple cards but not enough for a full card, you are able to place your dice next to the matching card and roll for the remaining numbers on the following turns to win the card. That is if someone else hasn’t rolled the correct dice combination first!

Game contents: Each box contains the rules, 4 colors of 6 small dice (24 dice total), and a small deck of cards. Boxes are different colors, and each color box has different dice colors inside. Playing with multiple boxes allows for more than 4 players and gives you a larger variety on card choices.


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