2017 Holiday Tabletop Buying Guide

For those of you who are looking for some great games to put on your Christmas list this season or need help finding the perfect gift for that someone special. Check out this list of games that I believe are great games to go under the tree this year! The games are not necessarily new this year, but are fun games that many people might not have yet or are some of the popular games making it to my own game table and would recommend to others!

Party Games

Crosstalk- In this up and coming game team leaders must use clues to help their team guess the right word or phrase, but teams can only guess after the other teams leader gives a public clue.

Codenames- You are a group of spies trying to figure out who the other operatives are, but only the team leaders know who they are and only by their “codenames”. Teams must identify who their operatives are with only one word clues!

Sushi Go!- A pick and pass style card game with the objective to collect the best sets of sushi rolls. Fun and easily playable by the whole family!

Dixit- This game is all about knowing the other players and how they would describe an image. Players take turns describing and identifying beautifully designed illustration. Dixit also has many expansions to help keep the game fresh!

Strategy Games

Organ Attack!- Take that! And that! I don’t think so! This is a great way to describe the game play in Organ Attack! The objective of the game is to kill all your opponents organs and be the last player standing.

Kingdomino- Is a tile laying game that has players creating their own kingdoms, all within a 5×5 grid!

Carcassonne- A wonderful gateway game, where players lay tiles and place meeples to score points. The game does not feature directly attacking your opponents, which is great for keeping tension lower at game night.

Harbour- Is a game that uses an economy component to constantly change the field of play. Players must collect five buildings to trigger the end of the game, but only the player with the most valuable buildings will win!

Ticket to Ride- The objective of the game is to complete train routes, this is a very easy game to learn and one of the greatest gateway games I know of for longer gameplay games. There are tons of expansions out for the game, but players need to have either Ticket to Ride or Ticket to Ride Europe to play these.

Check out the links to view more information about the games and to get a more indepth understanding about how the games are played. Hope this list helps you find a great new game this year!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from us at Smart Gaming Co.



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