Red Dragon Inn Series Review

Red Dragon Inn image 1

The Red Dragon Inn series by SlugFest Games, is a hand management and take that style card game, with an additional betting component thrown in for good measure! The game however takes place after the heroic quest is already done! When the adventures are unwinding with a drink at the world famous Red Dragon Inn. The goal of the game is to be the last player standing, by being both sober enough to remain conscious and shrewd enough to not run out of gold.

In the Red Dragon Inn, players will begin the game with their fortitude at 20 and their alcohol at 0. As play continues the player’s character will be attacked by the other players which lowers their fortitude, and have to drink different drinks that will affect their alcohol levels. When the fortitude and alcohol markers meet, the player’s character passes out. They will also start the game with some gold coins, based on the number of players. These coins are used to gamble and pay for additional drinks, but if they run out they can’t pay their bar tab and will be tossed out. Each turn consists of drawing and discarding cards, playing actions, buying a drink for someone, and drinking one of your own drinks from you drink me pile.

The Red Dragon Inn series has countless characters, with each expansion adding new character, each with their own flare and abilities. Every character comes with their own deck of cards, that is made up of action cards that are played on your turn, sometimes cards that are played whenever the situation allows for it, and anytime cards that can be played whenever. These cards typically allow players to protect themselves in someway from their opponents, attack their opponents in some manner, or heal themselves to some degree. Part of what makes the Red Dragon Inn series so great is that every character plays so differently, because they will have different types and amounts of healing, attacking, betting, and defensive cards.

Overall, The Red Dragon Inn series of games is a lot of fun, with each additional set that is released giving players more and more character options and not requiring them to purchase any of the previous sets, since they are all stand alone games, that can be played together or separately. The gameplay can be a bit too much for new players, since every card has a lot of writing and explanation on it. I would also not recommend the game to people who don’t like getting pitted against the other players. Finally, the content does present a more mature environment than is appropriate for young children, so it is not exactly a “family” game. But, it is a very fun game none the less and I love playing it!

Red Dragon Inn Information:

Ages: 13 and up

Price: $37.99

Playtime: 45 Minutes

Players: 2 to 4 (more with expansions)

If you would like more information on Red Dragon Inn, please check out their website.


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