Kickstarter Preview: Seat Wars

Seat Wars Image 2Seat Wars by Detestable Games and designed by Andres Ayala, is a very easy to learn competitive card game that is all about keeping your seat on the bus and managing the cards in your hand!

The goal of Seat Wars is to score the most points before the card deck runs out. Players do this by holding a seat on the bus for one round. There are multiple types of cards including characters, special characters that have abilities, equipment cards, event, and item cards. Players are allowed three actions during each turn, which are; play a card from their hand or score one character from the board. For every action a player doesn’t take they get to draw one card. Players start the game with five cards in their hands, and must chose when to use up their actions to play cards or when to save actions in order to replenish their hand.

The game play is fun and simple to learn. While players are pitted against each other during the game, it does not seem as if you are always directly attacking your friends, which is good, since that type of game play usually seems to end with hurt feelings. I especially love the play mechanic of either taking actions or drawing cards, this give the game a unique feel.

I love the artwork of the game! It is funny and not overly realistic. I especially love Big Bertha’s look and can’t help but doing voices for her when she is played on the board.

The only things that I would change about the game are the number of types of seats. Currently, there are two types of seats Red and Yellow, which will have different affects on a few characters, if there was a third seat type I think it could add more variance to the game. The other thing I would change would be to have different item and equipment cards, currently there is only one type of item card the grocery bag, and one type of equipment card a baby. If there was a few types of each of these cards with different abilities it could make the game a little more strategic.

Overall, the game is great! I enjoyed this game immensely and can’t wait to play it again. When the Kickstarter launches on December 5th, there will be a three day early bird special and free shipping for the United States and Mexico. Some of Seat Wars planned stretch goals include; components to add a 5th player, improved material, and more content. To find out more information about this Kickstarter project check out their Facebook page here. Or if you would like to learn more about Seat Wars and back the project check out this link!

Seat Wars Information

Players: 2 to 4 (5 with stretch goals)

Kickstarter Launch Date: December 5th, 2017

Minimum Kickstarter Backing Pledge:

Playtime: 15+ Minutes

Ages: 8 and up


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