Dixit Review

Dixit by Jean-Louis Roubira, is a party game where players try to come up with clever clues to match the beautiful artwork on the cards.

To play Dixit, the active player picks a card from their hand and describes it with a word or phrase. Then the other players pick a card from their hands that they feel matches the active player’s card description. After this is done all the cards are shuffled and flipped over and the non-active players must choose which card they feel was the active player’s card. The trick is the description given by the active player must make enough since for some of the players to guess the correct card, because if nobody picks the right card, the active player receives no points, but if the description is to easy and everybody picks the active player’s card, than they will receive no points. The objective of the game is to be the first player to score 30 points.

The design of Dixit is beautiful, with each card having creative and intriguing artwork. Game play is simple to learn, and easily playable by all age groups. While gameplay is balanced, players with the best deductive reasoning skills and most knowledge of each of the other players will have an advantage in the game. I love playing the Dixit and feel that it is a great game for small parties or as a palate cleanser since it is not a huge “thinking” game, which also makes it enjoyable to players of all types.

Dixit Information:

Ages: 6 and up

Price: $39.99

Playtime: 30 Minutes

Players: 3 to 6

If you would like more information on Dixit, please check out their website.



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