Board Game Bento November 2017 Unboxing/Review

This month’s Board Game Bento box theme is “Thinkers” and includes four games; Quartex, Dreamwell, Vye, and Innovation. As always this is not a review on the games themselves, but of the actual contents of the box and the quality of this Board Game Bento. But, you can look forward to the games being reviewed in the future.

Quartex by CSE Games

Is a tile laying game where players make different shapes to score points. The game play is very similar to other tile laying games like Qwirkel. But, with its own unique flare, with each time a shape is completed, it is worth less points! This economic component can change the game play considerably every round!

Players: 2-5

Playtime: 30 Minutes

Cost: $19.99

Vye: The Card Game of Capture and Control by Sandhat Games

Vye is a strategy game where players compete to create the largest kingdom. Players must carefully plan out their moves to protect their fledgling kingdom, while also trying to expand their borders.

Players: 2-5

Playtime: 20 minutes

Cost: $24.95

Dreamwell by Action Phase Games

In Dreamwell players compete to locate their lost friends in their dreams… The artwork of this game is stunning, but until I play Dreamwell I really can’t explain this game very much.

Players: 2-4

Playtime: 30-45 minutes

Cost: $22.61


Innovation by Carl Chudyk

Innovation gives players the ability to practice taking a civilization from the stone age through modern times. They do this by playing different innovation cards with unique powers to score points, make attacks, or to allow further advancement.

Players: 2-4

Playtime: 45 to 60 Minutes

Cost: $28.38

Final Impressions:

I have been very pleased with my subscription to Board Game Bento so far, and this month is no exception. It came with four fun looking games. I have even had time to start playing the games, so look forward to the upcoming reviews on them!

Each Board Game Bento box advertises at least an $80 value. This month using the going prices for each of the four games, I have calculated a total value of the box to be $95.93! Well over the minimum $80 value advertised!

Next month’s Board Game Bento theme is “9 to 5” and if you are interested in signing up, here is an easy link to their website, and if you sign up through the link you can help us continue providing you with more great gaming content!


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