Gobblet Review

Gobblet by Blue Orange Games, is an easy to learn game for two players in the same vein as tic tac toe and 4 in a row.

Gobblet may look like a very an assuming wooden tabletop game, similar to checkers or chess. The game is played on a 4×4 grid, with each player having twelve pieces of four different size. The pieces have the unique and fun play mechanic of being able to nest inside pieces of larger sizes, similar to Russian nesting dolls. The goal of the game is to get four of your pieces in a row, in any direction.

During game play, players can perform one of two actions; play a piece or move a piece. When playing a piece players are only able to play their exposed pieces, making it that they have to play larger pieces before the smaller ones. Because the pieces can fit inside one another, players can use them to cover either theirs or their opponents pieces to prevent them from winning the game. This adds a memory aspect to the game, as players try to remember whose piece is under each piece.

Overall, I love this game! It isn’t bogged down with very many rules or an over expansive theme, making it easily playable with your less extreme gaming friends. But, it still has a great deal of strategy built into the game, making the game enjoyable for even the most advance strategist. The game also fits inside itself making it great for travel.

Gobblet Information:

Ages: 7 and up

Price: $29.99

Playtime: 20 Minutes or less

Players: 2

If you would like more information on Gobblet, please check out their website.


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