Concept Review

Concept by Repos Productions, is a crafty little party game, that teaches you to communicate without talking! Similar Pictionary and other guessing games before it, Concept uses universal icons and symbols to help you convey your message to the other players.

After picking your word or phrase from the card you draw, you begin picking which icons can be used to best get your point across. This is the beautifully frustrating part of the game, because while you may think your point is clearly spelled out for the other players, but they still can’t seem to guess the right answer, you might have to wipe the board clean and try another approach to get them to understand what you are saying.

Concept is great game for parties or large groups of people. It is not very difficult to understand, so even non gamers can have a great time with it. It can take a while to have a good feel for the board and know where all the icons are. I will tend to bring the game out when I have much less experienced players at my game night, in order to get them to have enough fun to convince them to come back again.

Concept Information:

Ages: 10 and up

Price: $39.99

Playtime: 40 Minutes

Players: 4 to 12

If you would like more information on Concept, please check out their website.


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