Love Letter Review

Love Letter by Alderac Entertainment Group, is one of the most minimalistic card games I know, with only 16 cards in the deck for all the players to use each round! But, you can get hours of fun with this petit bluffing and deduction game.

In Love Letter, players are trying to win the heart of the Princess of Tempest. They do this by trying to get their love letter to her, while at the same time keeping other players letters away from her, by using the various card abilities on each card.

It takes a little practice to know when to play a guard card, verse a handmaid or other cards. But, after players get the hang of all of the cards different abilities the game can be a great filler game between larger hour long games, because of its short play time. The game is played in a series of rounds, with the final objective being to get your letter to Princess Annette a certain number of times, which is based on the number of players. The game is available widely and at a low cost, making it a great filler or travel size game for most gamers. Love Letter can also be enjoyed by almost anybody since it doesn’t require a lot of gaming experience.

Love Letter Information:

Ages: 14 and up

Price: $11.99 or less

Playtime: 20 Minutes

Players: 2 to 4

If you would like more information on Love Letter, please check out their website.


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