Codenames Review

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Codenames by Czech Games Edition, is a party game where players try to deduce the secret identities of their spies. Players divide into two teams, with each team electing a “spymaster” who knows which codenames are the spys for their team. Teams compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents first. The trick is that the spymasters can only give one word clues at a time, and reveal a number of how many agents for which the clue word applies to. This can be extremely difficult to try and match a single word to multiple agents.

This game has recently become the main “party style” game in my local group’s game nights. You have to be very cleaver with your use of the English language to convey what you want your team mates to guess when you are the spymaster. Sometimes you can look at your agents a find the “perfect” clue only to notice shortly after giving the clue that there is another word that matches your clue perfectly, only it is the assassin and your team loses the game!

I would pretty much recommend this game to anyone looking for a great new party game. Because both hard core gamers and social gamers can really get into the laugh inducing game of Codenames. It is also very easy to learn and with the high replayability it can provide hours of fun!

Codenames Information:

Ages: 14 and up

Price: $19.95

Playtime: 15 Minutes

Players: 2 to 8+

If you would like more information on Codenames, please check out their website.


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