Sheriff of Nottingham Review

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Sheriff of Nottingham by Sergio Halaban and Andre Zatz, is a bluffing and deception game that is all about trying to trick the bloated and corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham. Players take turns playing merchants bringing their goods into the city and the suspicious sheriff who questions the players to see if there carts are full of legal goods or contraband.

The goal of the game is to bring the most valuable wears into the city by the end of two rounds. Players can do this by bringing legal items including; apples, cheese, bread, and chickens or by sneaking contraband in to the city. Contraband is worth more, however if the sheriff searches the players cart when there is contraband in it, the player has to pay a fine. But, if there isn’t any contraband in a searched cart the sheriff has to pay the player for all the legal goods.

Sheriff of Nottingham is especially fun when the players “get into it” and start role playing their roles of merchants trying to get their goods into the city and making up stories about “not having enough apples in the city.” After awhile players learn to take full advantage of the “bribery” aspect of the game to convince the sheriff to maybe… not search their cart this round, because it could be very “beneficial” for the sheriff to let it pass on through. (wink)

Overall, Sheriff of Nottingham is a great party game and can provide a good amount of variety to game night along with a few laughs. It is easier to learn than most strategy games and can help open up the quieter players by encouraging them to practice through negotiation skills to better their chances of winning.

Sheriff of Nottingham Information:

Ages: 14 and up

Price: $34.99

Playtime: 60 Minutes

Players: 3 to 5

If you would like more information on Sheriff of Nottingham, please check out their website.


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