Star Fluxx Review

Star Fluxx image
Star Fluxx by Looney Labs

Star Fluxx by Looney Labs, is a set collecting and hand management game with one simple rule, you take a card and you play a card… that is until you start playing.

That is right the players make the rules by playing new rule cards during the game! This component makes Star Fluxx a funny and if not a slightly frustrating game. Just when you think you are about to win, BAM a new rule is played and you lose all your cards.

There are at least a dozen different forms of the aptly named card game Fluxx with themes like zombies, pirates, cthulhu and more. My own version is Star Fluxx which has satirical version of many popular sci-fi characters.

With the great characters designs, fun rules, and crazy game play the game of Fluxx has proven to be a great addition to my board game library.

Star Fluxx Information:

Ages: 8 and up

Price: $14.99

Playtime: 5 to 30 Minutes

Players: 2 to 6

If you would like more information on Star Fluxx or want to check out another Fluxx theme, please check out Fluxx’s website.


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