Board Game Bento August 2017 Unboxing/Review

Board Game Bento August 2017
Board Game Bento Contents August 2017

This month’s Board Game Bento box theme is “3D” and includes three games; Kingdomino, Brick Party, and Zombie Tower 3D. This is not a review on the games themselves, but of the actual contents of the box. Look forward to the actual game reviews in the coming months.

Kingdomino by Blue Orange Games

Based on the game of dominos, the game of Kingdomino has players building a kingdom using the different “domino” pieces to connect sections of the same terrain types to score points. And, like most kingdoms, you have to keep your kingdom’s size to a 5×5 grid! This game is great as a palette cleanser, because of its short playtime and simple rules.

Players: 2-4

Playtime: 15 Minutes

Cost: $17.99


Brick Party by Renegade Games

In Brick Party, players take turns building and explaining what to build. The catch is that each round there is a new special rule imposed on the players. These rules will make it more difficult for the players to build their structure, such as being blindfolded or having one hand tied behind your back. During the game you will have a new partner and a new special rule for each round.

Players: 2-9!

Playtime: 15-30 minutes

Cost: $25.00


Zombie Tower 3D by Cosaic

Zombie Tower 3D is the big game item in this month’s box. The game can be played in two ways; semi-cooperatively or fully cooperatively! This game utilizes a unique 3D board that also acts as a screen, separating you from your teammates. In the game you must battle through hordes of zombies, and save survivors all while trying to stay alive. This game is very reminiscent of classic zombie movies and looks to have a very original style of game play.

Players: 1-4

Playtime: 45-60 Minutes

Cost: $49.99


Final Impressions:

All three of these games look very neat to play, but I am really looking forward to playing Zombie Tower 3D and Kingdomino the most, due to my own board game preferences and I can’t wait to test these games out!

Each Board Game Bento box advertises at least an $80 value. By adding up the msrp of all of these games the total value is $92.99. A thrifty shopper can find them a bit cheaper from other online sites or on sale. But, the box still seems to be worth the $50 subscription value.

Next month’s Board Game Bento theme is “Territorial” and if you are interested in signing up, here is an easy link to their website, and if you sign up through the link you can help us continue providing you with more great gaming content!


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