Escape Room Review: Norcal Escape Co. – The Foxtail Saloon

20170716_204024Recently I took a group to Yuba City to test out what Norcal Escape Co. has to offer the escape gaming community. I won’t be giving away any information about room clues, just about the overall quality of the room.

We did their Fox Tail Saloon room and loved It! We all had a great time, all the staff were very friendly and had a great sense of humor. The decor of the room was very well done and the puzzles didn’t feel cheap or thrown together. We had one hiccup with a puzzle, either because we were not making the leap to put it together or it might have been a bit of a stretch for players to put together. But, besides that all the puzzles flowed very nicely, coming together in one cohesive unit.

After we were done with the room we wanted to do their other room that day, but unfortunately for us it was already booked solid the rest of the day. Sometime my group will be making another trip to Norcal Escape Co. to test out their other rooms and write more reviews.

Escape Room Results… ESCAPED!!!

Fox Tail Saloon Info and Ratings

Difficulty– 3 of 5

Aesthetics– 4 of 5

Staff– 5 of 5

Price– $25 per person

Duration– 45 Minutes

Capacity– Up to 8 Participants

If you are interested in trying out Fox Tail Saloon or any of Norcal Escape Co.’s other rooms, here is a link to their website.

Happy Escaping!


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