Board Game Bento July 2017 Review/Unboxing

Super Board Game Bento Picture
The contents of the July 2017 Board Game Bento Box

This months Board Game Bento box theme is “Super”, and featured three games plus an additional item all based around superheros. I was especially excited for this month’s box because of my own love of the superhero genre. This is not a review on the games themselves, but of the actual contents of the box. Look forward to the actual game reviews in the coming months.

Heroes Wanted by Action Phase Games

In this game you play as wannabe superheroes trying to gain fame by beating and defeating villains and their minions. Players win the game by gaining the most fame and rising to the ranks of the Champions of Zeta City.

Players: 1-5

Playtime: 60 Minutes

Cost: $30.96 (currently on


DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Rivals- Batman Vs. The Joker by Cryptozoic

In case you couldn’t tell by this games long name, this is a deck building game featuring DC Comics own caped crusader fighting one of his most iconic villains. Players are trying to build their decks to be able to take down their villain. The game is also compatible with the other DC Comics Deck Building Game series titles.

Players: 2


Cost: $14.14 (currently on


Super Showdown! by Touch Paper Press

The cards of this miniature sized game look like classic golden age comic books, which makes it a fun game to look at. Players are supposed to pit their “Brawn, Speed, and Wits” against the villain to save the day.

Players: 2

Playtime: 10 Minutes

Cost: $15 (Based on their original Kickstarter)


Bonus: Mighty Meeples Justice League Collection Tin by Cryptozoic

The neat part about these meeples is that you use them as replacements for other game meeples to add that extra geeky flair to your game. Other than that they do not serve much purpose.

Cost: $13.41 (Currently on


Final Impressions:

All three of the games look fun and do follow the “Super” theme very well. I am more of a Marvel fan than a DC fan, so this box having two DC items is a bit of a bummer to me. Although that is just aesthetics and doesn’t matter that much.

Each Board Game Bento box advertises at least an $80 value, and this one was supposed to be a $125 value (I believe) and based on the current prices on the games available online it falls a bit short at an $73.51 estimated value.

Overall, I find this month worth the monthly cost of the box of $50. And would recommend subscribing, because I think this method is a good way to take you out of your comfort zone when buying games and introduce you to a larger selection of titles.

Next month’s Board Game Bento theme is “3D” and if you are interested in signing up here is an easy link to their website and if you sign up through this link you can help us continue providing you with content!


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